Ordering sugar cane trays

How to order sugar cane (Bagasse) pulp trays from NYC Department of Education Office of SchoolFood

The school pays the difference between the Styrofoam tray and the sugar cane tray ($6.51 per 250 for Styrofoam trays vs. pulp trays $14.89 250/case).

 Effective July 2010 the new price is $8.38 per case of sugar cane pulp trays. ($14.89 – $6.51 = $8.38)

Orders must be by case.

There are two methods of payment:

1.          The school can send a check made out to the Office of School Food and Nutrition Services in the amount of cases requested, prepayment is required.

NYC Department of Education
Office of School Food and Nutrition Services
44-36 Vernon Boulevard,
Long Island City, NY  11101

Attention: Stephen O’Brien, Director of Food and Food Support, Room 415

 2.        Schools can submit a purchase order.  If the school enters a PO they need to contact Larry Weintraub, Office of SchoolFood 718-707-4370 or at LWeintraub@schools.nyc.gov before processing the purchase order.

SchoolFood will deliver the trays within a week of the check being processed.

 If you have any questions, please call: 718-707-4367

Please note:  SOS supports the use of compostable trays when schools are willing to work towards finding composting solutions, as opposed to sending the trays to landfills. Modern landfills are designed to preserve their contents, rather than transforming them to humus or mulch. When compostable trays (such as Bagasse or sugar cane) and other compostables (like paper and food waste) are sent to landfills, they decompose anaerobically, without oxygen, creating methane and contributing to climate change. They do not break down the way they would in a compost pile! (for more information, see Cool 2012-  Compostable Organics Out of Landfills 2012)

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